NCBI, rank_query=None)

Search NCBI’s taxonomic data - get NCBI taxonomic IDs

  • sci_com – list of common or scientific names
  • modifier – A modifier to the sci_com given. Options include: Organism, Scientific Name, Common Name, All Names, Division, Filter, Lineage, GC, MGC, Name Tokens, Next Level, PGC, Properties, Rank, Subtree, Synonym, Text Word. These are not checked, so make sure they are entered correctly, as is.
  • rank_query – A taxonomic rank name to modify the query sent to NCBI. Though note that some data sources use atypical ranks, so inspect the data itself for options. Optional.

Remember to set your Entrez API key as ENTREZ_KEY


dict, named with values given to sci_com, where each value in the dict is a list of NCBI taxonomic identifiers


from pytaxize import ncbi = "Apis")

# Many names["Apis", "Puma concolor", "Pinus"])

# Example with more than 1 result'Satyrium')['Satyrium', 'Pinus'])

# common names = 'bear')