Global Names Resolver


Get data sources for the Global Names Resolver.

Retrieve data sources used in Global Names Index, see for information.


# all data sources
import pytaxize

# give me the id for EOL
out = pytaxize.gnr_datasources()
[d for d in out if d['title'] in 'EOL'][0]['id']
gnr.gnr_resolve(names='Homo sapiens', source=None, format='json', resolve_once='false', with_context='false', best_match_only='false', header_only='false', preferred_data_sources='false', http='get')

Uses the Global Names Resolver to resolve scientific names

  • names – List of taxonomic names
  • source – Source to pull from, one of x, y, z
  • format – One of json or xml
  • resolve_once – Logical, true or false
  • with_context – Return context with taxonomic names
  • best_match_only – Logical, if true (default) return the best match only
  • header_only – Return header only, logical
  • preferred_data_sources – Return only preferred data sources.
  • http – The HTTP method to use, one of “get” or “post”. Default=”get”


import pytaxize
pytaxize.gnr_resolve('Helianthus annus')
pytaxize.gnr_resolve(['Helianthus annus','Poa annua'])